Analyzing hams

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Analyzing hams

Post by kb9mwr » Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:19 pm

I have been building this list of folks: ... -calls.txt

What I'd like to have is a tool (script) to compare each year to the year prior, and pointing out the folks that are no longer listed in the current year, but where there the year prior. Something to help give me a heads up on anyone who might have died, let their license expire, or moved out the area. (Those are the scenarios I can think of)

Then move on to the next year, comparing to the year before and so on.

I know it won't be perfect because people change their calls, and if you compare by names even those are listed differently from year to year. So far I have been doing it by eye, but as I progress to more recent years their are too many hams to do it that way.

So far I have't found a good underlying tool to do this with. At first diff came to mind, but perhaps awk?

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