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3 GHz

Post by kb9mwr » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:38 pm

There was some talk between Christian KC0ARF and Nick, KB9UAE about providing a data link to the NWS. Since that is a Federal building, they have a fairly anal software/internet policy. Basically software that speaks over their network has to be approved. (xastir for aprs, fails their policy, and would be helpful for weather spotting)

The donated 2 GHz (180 degree) sector that is on Scray's hill has been difficult to connect to even if you have line of site. It takes a very strong signal to overcome the Part 15 noise of every Tom Dick and Harry's wifi s***.

Since 5 GHz is in heavy use by the WISP up there, I'd recommend 3 GHz.

A Rocket M3 with 120 degree AirMax Sector Antenna should cover most of Green Bay, and keep the cost down, rather than using multiple sectors and radios to achieve a similar swath. The idea is to get something with a broad coverage pattern on the hill so if we find other places to link in later we don't have to keep having to climb the tower up there 100 times.

Rocket M3 Approx $175.00
AM-3G18-120 - Approx $199.00

Note: The radio (rocket) might have to be ordered from a ham friendly vendor like Flytech, as for the most part 3 GHz is not available for the general public to use in the USA. See the ARDEN forums.

It would be a good idea for someone to run a path loss calculator for the NWS to Scrays path with the proposed stuff. Not sure what antenna would be best for the NWS end. Remember if you use a wider beamwidth antenna that opens the door more as another location other people can aim for if say they have a lot of trees in the direction of Scrays hill. This is the power of the Mesh concept.

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