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APRS Toolbox Tracker

Post by kc9uhi » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:59 pm

Built these for the Cellcom Marathon. Can easily be used for other low-impact object tracking too.

Outer box is a 15" toolbox, less than $6 at fleet farm.
-12Ah SLA battery, UB12120, approx $25 on amazon/ebay/etc.
-Radius M100 radio (have a pile of them laying around)
-TinyTrak3+ (Byonics, $33)
-SkyLab SKM53 GPS module (ebay, ~$24)

Built the TinyTrak3+ with a small modification to allow higher audio output - replace R5 with a piece of wire.

Simply attach a small mag-mount antenna to the radio, toss in the back seat, and it's set to go.

Final result:

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