MMDVM Repeater

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MMDVM Repeater

Post by kc9uhi » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:06 pm

MMDVM Repeater currently up and running at my place for testing. Haven't figured out range (30w into 100'ish of RG8, GP-15 ~23' agl)

It'll repeat whatever digital mode comes into it. DMR in, DMR out. P25 in, P25 out. Analog is not supported. At the moment it's set up for DMR and P25, as that's what I have to test with. If someone is willing to help get YSF and/or D-Star running, I'll get it configured (I don't have the radios to test it with).

Repeater Information
Frequency -- 147.475 -1.000
DMR CC -- 6
P25 NAC -- $5B6

DMR Talkgroups
Slot 1
9 -- Local. Always linked to 442.83125 Slot1 TG9
Slot 2
Dynamic talkgroups from BrandMeister. Key-up on talkgroup to link and talk. Will time-out and disconnect eventually.

P25 Talkgroups (key-up to link and talk. Automatically drops eventually.)
223 -- Local
10100 -- World Wide (linked)
10200 -- North America (linked)
10201 -- North America TAC1 (linked)
28299 -- America Ragchew (linked)
31555 -- Wisconsin Regional (linked)
9999 -- DROP link

Local status --
BrandMeister DMR status --

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Re: MMDVM Repeater

Post by kb9mwr » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:38 pm

How is the PTT priority configured?

Does local talkgroup override linked talkgroups?

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Re: MMDVM Repeater

Post by kc9uhi » Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:52 pm

I honestly don't know.

I think it's currently first come first served. Will look into it and figure it out.

The lack of central documentation makes it quite difficult.

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